Spiders are found worldwide, on every continent, except for Antarctica. Other than being "creepy" and feared, most spiders are harmless to humans. However there are a few species whose venom is dangerous to humans. As much as they are disliked, spiders can actually be beneficial as they prey on insects that can be a nuisance to humans.

Spiders only bite humans in self-defense, with few producing worse effects than a mosquito bite or bee sting. Most spiders with dangerous bites, such as recluse spiders and widow spiders, would rather flee and bite only when trapped. Usually bites from these spiders arise from trapping them by accident, such as reaching into a brush pile where they have made their home.

One of the best ways for us to control spiders in your home is by working to eliminate insects. Getting rid of insects gets rid of the spider's food source, causing them to move on in search of food.

Once we get the spiders out, we can take steps to keep them out. We do this by applying chemicals along baseboards, windows, and doorways to create a barrier that keeps them from entering your home.

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