Cockroaches are considered to be one of the most irritable and frustrating pests to attract into your home. Most people think of cockroaches as dirty pests that only infest unsanitary places. However, cockroaches will infest almost any place that they can gain access to that will provide them with food and shelter. Even if your house or building is pristine, it doesn’t mean that your place is immune to infestations, so make sure to contact a pest inspection company to help you out.

What Attracts ThemCockroach on piece of ice

Like the majority of other insects and pests seeking to infest your home, cockroaches are searching for food, water, and shelter. Even if you think you might already be doing a solid job of keeping food locked up tight, cockroaches can still be attracted to and infest places like your garbage bins. Cockroaches will also feed on things that aren’t edible to humans, such as soap or cardboard, which may still attract cockroaches if your home is clean and tidy.

Water Access

Cockroaches will also be looking for water when they enter your home. If you have any leaky pipes or faucets, this will draw in cockroaches as an easy access to water. Any leaks that create small puddles will be the perfect source of water for these invading insects. Be sure to note any leaks or puddles to a pest inspection company.

Where They Come From

Cockroaches enter your home mainly in two ways. They can enter your home through the outdoors, or enter your home by hitching a ride on your things or hand-me-down furniture or clothes. If you are unsure if you have cockroaches or not, contact a pest inspection company.

Outdoor Cockroaches

Cockroaches entering your home from the outdoors are seeking food, water, and shelter, and have identified your home as a place with access to one or more of those things. Often, they will be attracted to your garbage first, and then make their way inside your home from there.

Indoor Cockroaches

Cockroaches transferring home to home or building to building will often be hitching a ride on clothes or in containers. It’s important to inspect and be aware of the things you purchase second-hand. Since they can feed on cardboard, double-check any cardboard boxes you bring into your home and contact a pest inspection company if you find any.

Where They HideClose up of cockroach on plant leaf

Most cockroaches prefer to find a dark and moist habitat in your home to hide in. They may prefer places like your basement, especially if it has access to water or if you store any food there. Additionally, cockroaches will like to stay near sources of food, so any cracks or crevices in your cabinets or pantries are perfect entry points for cockroaches to get their meals. Some additional spots you might not consider that you should investigate include:

  • Garages: Your garage will most likely be less insulated than your home and will have more access points for cockroaches to invade. If your garage is attached to your home, this is the perfect gateway for them to travel through.
  • Clothing and Luggage: Cockroaches can hitch rides with humans as they travel, similar to bed bugs. Make sure to check your things after traveling.
  • Pet Food: Cockroaches will eat just about anything, even things we consider inedible. A bag of pet food is paradise for them!
  • Firewood: Though cockroaches don’t consume wood like termites, a stack of firewood is a great place to hide, where they can unknowingly hitch a ride inside.

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