Cockroaches are one of the nastiest, invasive pests that can infest your home. They are considered to be disgusting and gross, and it’s widely believed that they only infest unsanitary areas and buildings. While they are attracted to messy and dirty places, those aren’t the only areas they will visit. Cockroaches are known to enter clean and sanitary spaces in search of food or water as well, meaning cleaning frequently isn’t enough to deter them. So what are some of the ways cockroaches find their ways into homes?

Cockroaches clustered togetherThe Threat of Cockroaches

While there isn’t much correlation between cockroaches and specific illnesses, we know that they can carry bacteria that will cause certain diseases. Cockroaches can spread this bacteria that they carry all throughout a home. This bacteria can infect food, utensils, and even surfaces cockroaches walk or climb on. In addition to the bacteria they carry, the presence of cockroaches can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues for those with asthma. Certain individuals might have specific allergies to the smell of cockroaches, their excrement, shed skin, eggs, or even their saliva. This may call for professional cockroach removal.

Common Entry Points

Cockroaches have slim, flat bodies that they can squeeze through the tightest of spaces. Often, they are attracted to messy areas with filth, but aren’t limited to unsanitary conditions. Cockroaches are mostly attracted to sources of food, whether that’s garbage filth or any food or crumbs left out. Cockroaches will often enter buildings or homes through utility openings, so make sure to seal the small, extra spaces around openings to your building or home. They often enter homes through ill-fitted screen doors or windows, or even small tears in the screen as well. Garbage cans that aren’t cleaned regularly, even inside your home, can attract cockroaches. Even the smallest amount of filth can have them entering your home, so make sure you don’t ignore the small spaces when you go to clean. If you are still finding cockroaches around your home, you may need to call for professional cockroach removal services.

What Attracts Them?Cockroaches around the edge of a white cabinet

As you might guess, food is the main thing that attracts cockroaches. However, what we consider food and what they consider food greatly varies. Cockroaches are known to feed on things that are inedible to humans, so even if your food is sealed and packed away, there may be other things attracting cockroaches to your spot. They feed on things we would never consider food, such as cardboard, wallpaper, leather, soap, and even fur or hair. If there is a cockroach infestation in a place such as an apartment building, the cockroaches will spread to other units in search of food, even if the rest of the building is clean and tidy, making complete cockroach removal difficult.

Prevention Steps

If you are aware of a nearby cockroach infestation, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances that they’ll migrate to your area. Make sure all human and pet food is sealed and stored away properly. Sealing all the cracks and crevices around utility openings and around vents will reduce the entry ways for cockroaches into your home. Make sure to also clean your kitchen of crumbs and grease that may be leftover from cooking or eating. Check any cardboard boxes you may have stacked or stashed away in a basement or attic, because they could already be there hiding, as they eat cardboard as well. Cockroach removal can be tricky with the more clutter and mess you have around your home, as it will provide more hiding spots for cockroaches to get comfortable in. If you can’t seem to shake the cockroaches from your area, it may be time for professional cockroach removal.

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