Everyone knows that termites are bad news. They can cause serious damage to your home or business, and they’re not exactly easy on the eyes either. But there’s a lot more to these pesky critters than meets the eye. Here are five little known facts about termites that might just surprise you.

1. Termites Cause More Than $5 Billion in Property Damage Each YearWooden cabinet door showing termite damage

Unfortunately, while termites may be beneficial to the environment, they can also cause a lot of damage to human-made structures. Their feeding behavior can cause extensive damage to homes and other buildings. In fact, it’s estimated that termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year, and that number is only increasing as the insects become more resistant to pesticides and pest control prevention methods. If you suspect you have a termite problem, it’s important to act fast and call a professional exterminator. The sooner you can get rid of them, the less damage they’ll do.

2. A Termite Colony can Contain Up to Two Million Individuals

There are several different species of termites, and they vary in size and appearance. However, all termites share some common features. For example, all termites live in colonies that can contain up to two million individuals. These colonies are divided into three distinct groups: workers, soldiers, and reproductive. Because there are so many of them, pest control prevention can be difficult once they’ve taken up residence in your home or business. If you see even one termite, chances are there are thousands more where that came from.

3. Termites Eat Wood, Paper, and Other Plant Material

Did you know that termites actually play an important role in the environment? Termites help to break down dead wood and other plant material, which helps to enrich the soil. In fact, some estimates suggest that termites are responsible for recycling up to one-third of the wood in the world each year.

However, termites aren’t picky eaters – they’ll pretty much devour anything made of wood or plant material. This includes things like books, furniture, drywall, and flooring. If you have termites in your home, it’s only a matter of time before they start munching on something you’d rather they left alone.

4. The Queen Termite can Live for Up to 25 Years

The queen termite is the heart and soul of the colony, and she can live for an astonishing 25 years. That means she has plenty of time to lay hundreds of eggs and keep the colony going strong for decades to come. If you’re dealing with a termite infestation, the queen is your number one target.

5. Some Species of Termites Swarm Annually Swarm of termites eating rotted wood

Once a year, some species of termites will swarm in search of new places to build their colonies. This usually happens in the springtime, but it can vary depending on the species and location. If you see winged insects around your home or business during this time, there’s a good chance they’re termites looking for a new place to set up shop.

Pest Control Prevention of Termites

Termites are destructive pests that can cause serious damage to your property if left unchecked. While most people know this, there are still many misconceptions about these creatures. Now that you know a few little-known facts about termites, hopefully you’ll be better equipped to deal with them if they ever decide to take up residence in your home or business!

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