It’s summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there’s a buzzing. There’s a lot of buzzing; it could be bees, cicadas, or worse, wasps. While wasps are a common sight over the summer, an infestation in or near your home is not. There are many ways to tell if you have these stinging insects on your property, and a number of DIY removal methods to consider should you discover them. Here are some warning signs of an infestation and advice on when to ditch the DIY and contact a removal service to deal with your wasp infestation instead.

A Large Number of WaspsSwarm of wasps around the nest

One significant sign of a wasp infestation is just that, wasps! If you’re noticing an odd number of wasps swarming around one area, there’s a reasonably good chance the wasps are building or have already built a nest there. Differentiate wasps from other insects by looking for their slim yellow and black abdomens and long brown wings. Wasps must leave their nest several times a day to gather food for their hive, so following the swarm is an excellent technique for locating their home base. Wasps are also known for loud buzzing, and an excess of buzzing noises from these invasive pests should require some investigation.

Damage to Your Home

Chewed wood can be a prevalent sign of wasps. If you notice long tunnels chewed into the wood of your home, this could signify a wasp infestation, and removal is needed. They make their nests in cracks in walls, unsealed door frames and windows, ripped screens, and vents. If you spot the tell-tale signs of wasp tunneling around these areas, you should begin to consider having them treated by professionals. Once you begin to notice a pattern of where the wasps are coming from, it will be much easier to locate the source of the wasp infestation.

Finding a NestA closeup of wasps on a large paper wasp nest under the sunlight

Finding wasp nests on your property is a surefire way to guarantee that there is an infestation that needs to be dealt with immediately. These brownish-gray nests can often resemble a paper maché craft and are shaped like balloons. They are heavily layered and usually have a swirl pattern visible from below. Once you’ve located the nest, it’s time for the hands-off approach.

Do not let anyone try to remove it themselves, as wasps are incredibly defensive and will not hesitate to swarm if threatened. Because they can be so dangerous, hiring a pest control service is your best bet when it comes to removing these unwelcome guests. They have the tools, skills, and safety precautions necessary to keep you, your family and themselves safe during the process of wasp infestation removal.

When to Contact Pest Control Specialists

So, what kills wasps? If you’ve found an active nest on your property or are noticing any other warning signs of an infestation, contact wasp control services instead. Whether the wasps are high up in a tree or deep within the cracks of your home, the safest way to deal with them is to hire an expert. An expert is necessary to guarantee successful and safe wasp removal and prevent wasps, especially if infestations are a recurring issue on your property. There’s no room for DIY to safely remove wasps from your property, as they anger easily and swarm quickly.

Prevent Pest Control

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